Personal Information

This interface provides the functionality to set or update your personal information. You can access this interface at the condition you have an active account on the MicroScope platform (see Register an Account). See the Privacy Notice for more information.

The E-mail address is the most important information we need, considering we’ll send our official communications to this address. So, make sure to use an active and functional address.

Note that once in a year you will be redirected to this page when you log in. This is done to check and update this information.

Which information is needed ?

The information needed is the same that is needed to create an account.

However, if you created your account several years ago, this may have changed. In this case, you will have to provide those information during the annual review.

How are those data used ?

The data is used by the LABGeM team to make statistics about users and will not be transmitted to any third-party. Please note that we do not make any commercial use of this information.