RNAseq V2 Overview

Overviewing RNA-Seq or Evolution experiments results

This section allows users to have a complete summary of the mapping process for each experiment that have been performed on the studied organism. Results are reported in tables that can be easily expanded/collapsed by clicking on the small horizontal arrow.

An Example is given below in the case of Helicobacter Pylori public data :


For each experiment, user will have access to the following data:

  • The total read number;
  • The number of unmapped reads;
  • The number of reads mapped at least once;
  • The number of reads that matched rDNA : Each mapped read is not count once but 1/(number of times mapped on genome);
  • The number of reliable reads (with mapping quality values not null);
  • Nb of reads kept on … : Number of mapped reads against a specific chromosome or plasmid;
  • Total reads mapped on genomic objects (except rRNA) into … : Number of mapped reads except rRNA.