My Favourite Organisms

MicroScope allows to select up to 50 favourite organisms. Those organisms are showed first when using the Sequence and Genome selection for faster access (see How to use my favourites organisms selection?).

This functionality is disabled for guests and only available for logged Annotators.

How to make my own selection of favourites organisms?

This functionnality uses the advanced selector (in Genome Selection mode). See here for help on how to use it.

When you open the selector, the list of your current favourite organisms is displayed in the Selection Zone.


You can then add or remove organisms with the selector. You can use the Cancel, Reset and Save buttons.

Once on the page, click on the SET SELECTION button to validate.


How to use my favourites organisms selection?

The image below shows the organism selector on the Genome Browser. To show the list of your favourite organisms, simply click on the selector.


The list that opens will show your favourite organisms.