Personal Information

This interface provides the functionality to set or update your professional informations. You can access to this interface at the condition you have an active account on the MicroScope platform.

I logged in for the first time, why can’t I navigate through MicroScope’s tools ?

The first time you’ll log in on the Microscope platform, you’ll be automatically redirected on this interface. The definitive registration will be complete as soon as all the required fields are filled and saved by clicking on the Update Data button.

How do we use these informations?

The E-mail address you’ll provide is the most important information we need, considering we’ll send our official communications to this E-mail address. So, make sure to give us an active and functional E-mail address.

Please note that we do not make any commercial use of this professional informations. The data is useful for LABGeM to make is own statistics about users, and will not be transmitted to any external people (except projects leaders, if needed as part of the Project ).