Technical Requirements

General requirements

  • A broadband connection to the Internet is required to use the MicroScope platform, although higher-speed connections are preferable.

  • A minimal screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels is needed.

  • Please enable Javascript. This should be enabled by default on your web browser. Else, check your web browser documentation for further information about how to proceed.

  • Supported Browsers: LABGeM team has tested the MicroScope platform with the following browsers:

Java Web Start

Java Web Start is needed for several functionalities (CGView, IGV, tMeV, etc.). Please visit this page to install it.


Java Web Start is deprecated. We currently support Java 8 only.


If the application doesn’t work you may need some additional configuration steps. You must allow our software to run without certificate by adding to the exception list. Read this FAQ to know how to proceed.